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Join us for an evening of learning, inspiration and connection. The event starts with a talk and continues as an informal get-together afterwards.



AN ASSERTIVE LIFE: an exploration - with Bridgitta Roy




      1. Reporting verb – State a fact or belief confidently and firmly.


         1.1 [with object] – Cause others to recognise (ones’ authority or a     right) by confident and forceful behaviour.


    1.2 to assert oneself – Behave or speak in a confident and  authoritative manner.



Early 17th century: from Latin asserere to join to oneself, ‘claim, affirm’, from ad- ‘to’ + serere ‘to join’.


To assert. To be assertive. Whatever your take on these phrases and wherever you put yourself on the assertive continuum, the word seems to set off debate that lurches from zeal to mistrust.


Bridgitta Roy invites you to join her in a quest to unpick assertiveness and how it might feature in our lives. The evening will include a short presentation of her exploration of the effect of this word on life, some practical exploration with the guest audience and a facilitated discussion to send us into the night.



Bridgitta works as an actor and has just returned from a season at the Royal Shakespeare Company, playing the role of the goddess Juno in Dido, Queen of Carthage by Christopher Marlowe.


She also works as theatre director specialising in music projects and is directing an opera project in spring of 2018.


For the last fifteen years Bridgitta has also earned a wage as a facilitator in learning and development in the business world and as a teacher in arts conservatoires.


Thus in all areas of her career, one of the themes that takes up most of her time is why people behave the way that they do.


She still finds it is a minefield to say, at a party for example, that she works as an actor. So, in certain circumstances, she says that she a storyteller by trade and is really good at making connections between ideas, concepts, people and things. That usually sparks a better conversation.






DATE: Thursday 30 November2017


Time: 7.30 pm (door opens 7.15)


Contribution: £10 (£9 full time students and OAP - subject to booking fee.



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Location: Colomba Space, 31 Oval Road (upper floor, ring intercom),

London NW1 7EA. Tube: Camden Town

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*Please note: this is a women only event!