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Awakening, Meditation and Mindfulness

with Ayala Gill and Jeffrey Wium


We long to live beyond our perceived limitations and fears, instilled beliefs and cultural expectations. We seek love and acceptance, yet most do not realise that the keys to personal freedom and co-creative power dwell within.


Join us for a journey of awareness and self-love at a time when humanity is remembering its true nature and taking responsibility for its collective destiny. We will come together over four consecutive weeks to learn tools of self-awareness, as we reflect on daily life as our greatest teacher.


Together we will:


  • Listen to mind-body-spirit connection

  • Use higher intelligence to heal conflict and dis-ease

  • Awaken inner authority and know strength as softness

  • Find opportunity in obstacle and increase balance in daily life

  • Develop receptivity, self-responsibility and non-duality

  • Cultivate loving presence in the world of constant change


We are experiencing the birth of a new era where humankind is returning to the intelligence of the heart through the process of recognising what no longer works. The ancient traditions have long known that this is the time when people of the north will find the Light in the darkness of their times. Join us to discover the keys that dwell within so you can live beyond the entrapment of personal trauma and drama.


Jeffrey Wium draws on his work with the Andean Holy Mountain Tradition, Quantum Energy Medicine, Gnostic Shamanism, Psychosomatic Bodywork, Yoga, Reiki, Qigong, Meditation, Sound and Light Therapy, Indigenous Living, Philosophy and Vision Quest Protocols, Conscious Parenting, Avaloketesvara Initiation and Interdenominational Ministry.


Ayala Gill draws on in-depth studies in yoga, Buddhist teachings, mindfulness meditation, psycho-spiritual enquiry, conscious parenting, curiosity and love.




DATE: Wednesdays 02, 09, 16 and 23 May,


Time: 7 – 9.30pm


Price: Complete course £125

assistance available upon request



book your place here:


Location: Colomba Space, 31 Oval Road (upper floor, ring intercom),

London NW1 7EA. Tube: Camden Town


*Please note: this course is open to all genders.